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    Hello and Welcome to Smooth Sailing Links home of'Wolves of Eternal Respect', Ultimate Expressions Paintshop, Choice Radio, Ultimate Choice Gaming Ladder, & Airwaves Expression Paints (Yak Chat).

The staff of Ultimate Expressions & AirWave Paints would like to congratulate everyone who submitted entries for our email paint contest and for taking the time to make this a huge success!! .

Congratulations to the Winners

W.O.E.R & Choice Radio.

We have an amazing group of talented Artists & Dj's. Check out our awesome Painthshop. UltimateExpressions Paintshop

We have a family and crew unlike I ever worked with before! Amazing Respect and Encouragement in one another; continuosly wanting to learn and grow; sharing and helping each other when we need it. Without this family, crew and friends W.O.E.R. would have never accomplished the goals that we have so far.

Owners WaveLove & Dj Crazy can't express how fond and proud we are of them!!!

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Please register at our W.O.E.R. Boutique Megas to see our av gallery.

Home of Choice Radio..Live Djs 24 hours a day. No Auto Streaming

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