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We have an amazing group of talented Artists & Dj's UltimateExpressions Paintshop

We have a family and crew unlike I ever worked with before! Amazing Respect and Encouragement in one another; continuosly wanting to learn and grow; sharing and helping each other when we need it.

Without this family, crew and friends W.O.E.R. would have never accomplished the goals that we have so far!!!

Owners WaveLove & Dj Crazy can't express how fond and proud we are of them!!!

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Home of Choice Radio..Live Djs 24 hours a day. No Auto Streaming

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winner-gray We, the Wolves of Eternal Respect and Choice Radio wish to extend our paws in a formal welcome to you. May you see in our home all that we see. A vision of greatness, warmth , generosity and love. The Wolves of Eternal Respect and Choice Radio is home to many people from various walks of life. This site is our common ground and unites us as a family though we may not be related by blood but we are by our beliefs in the goodness of mother earth, friendship, and love. Please feel free to explore our home and ask questions. All we request is to be treated with Respect. So please enjoy your visit and do come back.

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